Kennya Narukmi
Kennya Narukami-1-
JP name 成神健也
Dub name Alan Master
Character Info
Gender Male
Position DF (Anime)

MF (Game)

Number 4 (Teikoku)

2 (Neo Japan)

4 (Neo Genesis)

Element Wind
Seiyuu Jou Masako
Inazuma Eleven (game)

Episode 2

Kennya Narukami (成神健也) is one of the defenders for Teikoku, Neo Japan and later, of Neo Genesis.


Inazuma Eleven (game)Editar

  • "The rhythm from his headphones is the secret to his strength."


He has a greyish-purple hair and wears black headphones. He has two dots on his forehead and teal eyes.

Narukami mugshot-1-

Kennya Narukami in the game


Season 1Editar

His team lost in the Football Frontier preliminaries finals to Raimon by a score of 1-2. In the Nationals, his team was crushed by Zeus.

330px-Teikoku VS Raimon-1-

Narukami along with his teammates in their match against Raimon

Season 3Editar

Later, in season 3, he joins Neo Japan and has a match against Inazuma Japan. He is seen watching Raimon's graduation match with the rest of Teikoku.