Aqualina (Lina) Shiller
JP name 吉良瞳子
Dub name Aqualina 'Lina' Shiller
Character Info
Gender Female
Number None
Element None
Seiyuu Kitanishi Junko
Games: Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no ShinryakushaAnime: Episode 28Episode 024 (GO)


Five years before the Inazuma eleven story, when Hitomiko's father had lost his son, Hitomiko was the one who suggested for him to create Sun Garden Orphanage, where soon, when Hitomiko's father had found the Aliea meteorite, used it on the orphans the Sun garden. Hitomiko tried to persuade her father out of it, but failed, leading her to the world of soccer.


Season 2Editar

She is given the position as coach by Coach Hibiki in the Aliea Academy arc. Nearly everyone except for some people like Endou don't trust her at first, especially when she took Gouenji off the team, but it was actually to

150px-Kira hitomiko-1-

Kira Hitomiko protect him and his sister. When Kageyama appeared in Ehime creating Shin Teikoku Academy, Coach Hitomiko asked him if he knew anything about Aliea Academy only for it to be an unanswerable question. In Fukuoka after the Inazuma Caravan first met Hiroto's (as Gran) team The Genesis, she told the truth about Fubuki to everyone and how he

had two personalities inside of him. Before the final match she was found out to be Hiroto's older sister, but wasn't really in the end. Coach Hitomiko was told by her father that she was only being used to make the strongest team in Japan to be a suitable opponent for The Genesis. She was the one who first tried to convince him about his wrongdoings when he first found the Aliea Meteorite and that he made the Sun Garden Orphanage for her to be happy after her real younger brother died. In the final match she said to her father that it was Endou and the team that made her find her true self and gave back the position of coach to Coach Hibiki .

Season 3Editar

In the FFI arc, she became the coach of Neo Japan, a team lead by Saginuma

150px-Picture 2-1-

Hitomiko five years ago after seeing her dad mad with power of the Aliea meteorite (Desarm, who was desperate about going into the Football Frontier Internationals after not being picked as a candidate for Inazuma Japan) that was supposed to replace Inazuma Japan but they lost instead.

She now supervises Midorikawa and Saginuma in training, watching them every now and again, and also was seen watching the finals of the FFI tournament between Little Gigant and Inazuma Japan.

Plot (GO)Editar

She appears in Episode 024 (GO), in front of the old clubhouse of the previous Raimon Eleven and wearing a pair of glasses. She's still working at Sun Garden.


Hitomiko cheking the kids