The day of the beginning of the F. F. T. and of the 1st game of the tournament too:

Neo Genesis Vs Wild Jr. High

Commentator - And the game begins! The Neo Genesis advances, but Wild's defender, Lion prevents the Passage of Mew Jonny.

Lion - Horn Train!


Commentator - Mew passes Lion's Horn Train with Heaven's Time.

Mew - Bellatrix, get ready.

Bellatrix - I'm ready.

Commentator - Mew jumps and invokes its Keshin, Hydreigon, leaning on its arms. Mew jumps again and does a tornado with its legs, kicking the ball down, but WAIT!!! A lot of stones hold to the ball and Bellatrix kicks the ball!!!

Mew / Bellatrix - GAIA STORM!!!!


Boar - Wild Claw!

Commentator - Gaia Storm is too powerful for Wild Claw and it is GOAL! Goal of Nº 10, Mew Jonny and of Nº11, Bellatrix!!!! The game restarts!

Early in the 2nd part, Neo Genesis was losing by 1 - 2

Mew - We can't overcome them like this. The only way to overcome them is...with wings!!!

Commentator - Mew shoots the ball towards the sky and jumps but he can't overcome the jump of the Wild's defender, Chicken!

Bellatrix - You can do it, Mew!!!!

Commentator - Wait a second! Mew just grew wings on his back and he overcame Chicken's jump! Mew raises his arms, causing the ball to electrify, his wings grow more and Mew prepares to shoot the ball!

Mew - GOD KNOWS!!!

Commentator - The ball goes into the goal!

Boar - Wild Claw!

Commentator - Gaia Storm is too powerful for Wild Claw and it's GOAL! The game starts and Wild lost possession of the ball. The ball is in the air and Mew jumps to execute God Knows, but wait, it seems stronger!


Boar - Wild Claw V2!

Commentator - It's another goal by Mew! The game restarts but Wild is too scared to move! Mew jumps for execute God Knows, but wait, God Knows is evolving again!

thumb|350px|left|Mew Jonny using God Knows for the 1st time

Boar escapes of the ball and is goal! And the game ends!

Neo Genesis 4 - 2 Wild Jr. High