God Genesis
God Genesis
Team Data
Dub Name God Genesis
Captain Mew Jonny
Wins 1
Draws 0
Loss 0
Game None
Manga None


  • The God Genesis is the team who will defeat the Ogre and get revenge because Eska have hurt Bellatrix with an Death Rain.
  • This team is the fusion of Neo Genesis and Zeus Jr. High
  • The capitain is Mew and the key player is Steelux


The male team jerseys are white jumpsuits going all the way down to the feet, with dark grey collars, white gloves, and they wear a beige colored belt around the waist. Around the thigh all the way down to the end of the knees is black in color, and their cleats (or rather boots) are white with a dark grey toe cap. The female team jerseys have got not much of a difference, but the area below the torso is colored grey but in the male version it is light grey. The limiter release button for the guys are on the side, and the limiter release for the girls are in the middle of the chest.