Heaven's Time
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Hissatsu Data
Dub name Heaven's Time
Element Wind
shin Normal → Remastered → True
Game Inazuma Eleven (game)
Manga None
Anim Episode 25

Heaven's Time is a dribble hissatsu move used in the Inazuma Eleven universe.


The user snaps his/her finger in the air, stopping or slowing down time. This enables the user to dribble easily through the opponent(s). The user snaps his/her finger once more to make time flow normally again. Due to the displacement of time and space, the path where the user dribbled becomes a cyclone, blowing the opponent(s) away.

From the opponents' perspective view, it seems that the user got behind them as quick as a snap. This move was used repeatedly during the Football Frontier finals where Aphrodi used it to break through Raimon's defense easily.


Heaven's Time in the TCG

Heaven's Time's T. C. G. card

For the first time ever,Netsuha Natsuhiko, manage to stay unaffected by this hissatsu in the match of Raimon against Prominence.




thumb|350px|left|Byron using Heaven's Time against Raimon