Hera Tadashi
797px-Hera Tadashi-1-
JP name 平良貞
Dub name Henry "Hera" House
Character Info
Gender Male
Position FW/MF (Zeus)

DF (Neo Japan)

MF (Neo Genesis)

Number 11 (Zeus), 13 (Neo Japan)
Element Fire
Seiyuu Yuuki Kodaira
Inazuma Eleven (game)

Episode 24Hera

  • Henry House (Hera) was a forward in Zeus (anime), a midfielder in Zeus (game) and later on, a defender in Neo Japan.
  • Now is midfielder in Neo Genesis.

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Hera has tanned skin and light blue eyes. He also has light maroon colored hair, shoulder length, with a silver circlet around his head and one tiny strand of hair falling in the middle. He is seen wearing the Zeus and later on, Neo Japan uniform.


Hera is shown to have a follower's personality as well as his arrogant one in Zeus as he only scored a goal against Raimon using Divine Arrow because Aphrodite told him to.


Hera was first intoduced with the rest of the Zeus team and also is seen in the match against Raimon. He scored the third goal into Raimon's goal using Divine Arrow. After the match, he, with the rest of Zeus realized soccer is fun and they don't need the Aqua of The Gods, - a steroid-filled drink Kageyama gave Zeus that phystically boosted up their phystical strenght, giving them god-like powers, but also had side-effects (as seen in Episode 026, what it did to Aphrodi) - to play soccer.

Hera wasn't called for the Japan Nationals Representive Match, so he joined Neo Japan - a team created to take over the place of Inazuma Japan with kira Hitomiko as the coach and become the Japan Nationals - with the dream of being chosen to be a Japan Representive. Kidou noticed that he changed his position - from forward to defender.