Yuukoku Hiroyuki
Dub name Johan "Talisman" Tassman
Character Info
Gender Male
Position FW
Number 9
Element Wood
Seiyuu Miwa Kouzuki
Inazuma Eleven

Episode 4

  • Johan Tassman (Talisman) was a forward and the captain of Occult and also a member of Neo Japan.
  • Now is the midfielder of Neo Genesis.


Talisman is the captain of Occult and appears in episode 004.

Inazuma Eleven (game)Editar

  • "Used his powers to receive special training from the ghosts of famous players."


Yuukoku wears a dark purple bandana with a huge red eye covering his eyes. His hair is a faded pink colour and is shaped in upwards spikes.


Season 1Editar

He is the captain of Occult, and was in charge of starting the Ghost Lock hissatsu tactic. His team played against Raimon in friendly match that was intended by his coach to test out only Gouenji's abilities but lost. It was mentioned that they lost to Shuuyou Meito in Football Frontier preliminaries quarter-finals.

Season 3Editar

Later, he makes another appearance as a member of Neo Japan.