Jonas "Demeter" Démétrius

250px-Hera Tadashi in Zeus uniform-1-

Dub name Jonas "Demeter" Démétrius
Character Info
Gender Male
Position FW

9 (Zeus)

15 (Neo Japan)

(Neo Genesis)

Element Fire
Seiyuu None
Inazuma Eleven

Episode 24


He wears some sort of silver gladiator helmet with maroon hairs sticking out in the middle row of his helmet and has silver eyes. He's only seen wearing Zeus uniform, ad also one of the members not wearing a blue-colored sash.


Season 1Editar

His team played against Teikoku Zeus won the match.His team played against Raimon in Football Frontier finals. Despite using such powerful techniques as Reflect Buster and Dash Storm and scoring a goal his team still lost in the end by 3-4 score.

Season 3Editar

He reappeared as one of the members of Neo Japan.

Inazuma Eleven the MovieEditar

Demete appears in the movie along with the other Zeus members after being beated by Ogre by the enormous score of 36-0.