Loretta Dolley

Bellatrix (Alien/Nickname)

Dub name Loretta Dolley

Bellatrix (Alien/Nickname)

Character Info:

Gender Female

Position MF/FW
Number 20
Element Wind


Neo Genesis

Neo Flames


Mew - Boyfriend

  • Loretta Dolley, better known as Bellatrix was a midfielder for The Genesis when she was in Aliea Gakuen, but now is one of the Forwards of Neo Genesis.
  • She suffered an Death Rain by from Eska Bamel after the match against Zeus. After Eska reveal is nature and real team, The Ogre, Mew reveal is love by her.
  • After that Death Rain and two weeks in the hospital, she joined God Genesis to get revenge like Mew Jonny, and to finish with Eska.
  • She is also Mew Jonny's Girlfriend.


150px-Yagami Reina 'Ulvida' 2-1-

Bellatrix in is Casual Clothes

Bellatrix has blue hair with two white locks at the sides of her head and blue eyes. She is quite pretty and has quite a stern face, marking her age, probably signifying she might be one of the eldest children in the orphanage. During season 2, she wore the uniform of The Genesis. Her normal clothes in her childhood may be a pink long sleeve shirt with pink leggings and is topped with a pink dress.


Bellatrix is someone who will do anything to achieve the goals of someone she loves, even to go so far as to possibly permanently injure herself by releasing the limiter so she could win the game against Raimon for her 'father'.

When her father came to his senses and realized the Aliea project was a mistake, Bellatrix, who thought he meant that mentoring them all was a mistake, she went mad got so angry at the thought he was abandoning them after all the sacrifices they made for him that she kicked a ball at him with all her (released limiter) strength; probably meaning she does not like to be forgotten or a total mistake due to her being an orphan.


Season 2Editar

She was first shown in episode 44, during The Genesis' debut standing beside Gran. They were then seen
120px-Copie de 183562 127659943972464 100001853760385 182085 1276351 n-1-

Young Bellatrix

battling against Raimon. Later, she answers one of her teammate's questions on whether it was okay to play against Raimon without 'his' permission, she answered "Well if Gran wants to..."

Near the end of season two, where Raimon had their second and final match against.

The Genesis, she takes over the role as their captain, after Hiroto disagrees to release the Limiter. Reina later attempts to injure their 'father' out of rage after mistaking her father's quote on 'the Genesis project being a mistake', thinking that he meant creating the orphanage and them were a mistake.

Season 3Editar

In season 3, as heard from Hiroto, that all of them (at Sun Garden) have been playing soccer against each other, enjoying their own soccer, not the one during their time at Aliea Academy.