Mew Jonny
Dub name Mew Jonny
Character Info
Gender Male
Position FW
Number 10 (Neo Genesis)
10 (God Genesis)
Element Wood

Neo Genesis

God Genesis

Relation Ships Bellatrix - Girlfriend

Xavier / Samford / King / Steelux / Paolo / Silver - Bestfriends

Byron Love - Twin Brother

  • Mew Jonny is the ace striker, Forward and capitain of Neo Genesis and of God Genesis. He is the twin brother of Byron Love, capitain of Zeus.
  • He joined God Genesis to be their capitain and to get revenge from The Ogre by what they do to Bellatrix, is passion and team partner in the Special Edition.
  • In the end he and Bellatrix defeat The Ogre with the team of God Genesis and go back with they team partners to the academy of Neo Genesis.
  • He is also Bellatrix's Boyfreind.



Mew Jonny in is casual clothes

He is a beautiful boy with waist-length golden hair. His eyes are of a deep maroon-red color and he has one long lower eyelash on both eyes. His Neo Genesis uniform consisted of a long sleeved, white shirt, with redish-orange colored sleeves, and patterns, with a purple orb-like object embedded in the middle of the shirt. This is fitted with a dark grey shorts, the same shade of red as sleeves, socks, and dark grey cleats. The limiter release button for the guys are on the side.


Like his twin brother, during the Football Frontier arc, Mew is


Mew Jonny's T. C. G. card

strong willed, trustful, and perceptive . However, in his reappearance during The Ogre war, he is revealed to have a likable personality - arrogant, high-seated, and proud.

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