Neil Turner
Dub name Neil Turner
Character Info
Gender Male
Position FW
Number 10
Element Fire
Seiyuu Kayo Yuunagi
Games: Inazuma Eleven (game)Anime: Episode 7

Neil Turner is a forward and the ace striker for Mikage Sennou and for Neo Japan


Inazuma Eleven (game)Editar

  • "Used to be gentle, but became more aggressive after brainwashing."


Season 1Editar

In the game against Raimon, he stopped Gouenji's Fire Tornado but at a cost of having his and Gouenji's leg injured.


Arata Shimozuru In the anime he trained with an electronic simulator with his team, he is seen with Sugimori Takeshi talking to Endou, telling him that no matter how much they practice, his team will lose. Endou gets angry and challenges them to stick a goal in his porter. Arata copied Gouenji's Fire Tornado and scores a goal, winning the challenge. During the actual Football Frontier match, his team lost against Raimon and he understands the fun of playing soccer, though he got injured due to a bash in midair. In the end, he said that they had a good time.

Season 3Editar

He reappeared in the FFI arc, where he plays for Neo Japan and learned to use Gungnir V2, from Saginuma Osamu. Even though they had just got together as a team, Arata shows respect and support for Saginuma during the matches, encouraging him to use Triangle Z and God Knows.