Neo Genesis
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Team Data
Name Neo Genesis
Captain Mew Jonny
Wins 10
Draws 1
Loss 0
Game None
Manga None
Anime None
The Genesis emblem-1-
  • The Neo Genesis is one of the two teams protagonists of the special edition(S.E) of Inazuma Eleven in Portugal.
  • The second team protagonist is Fire Knight's, team capitained by Angel Phoenix.
  • The Neo Genesis is capitained by Mew Jonny, twin brother of Byron Love (Aphrodite), capitain of Zeus.
  • The two team will unite forces to defeat the team of The Ogre.


New Chaos 2' uniform consists of a long sleeved, white shirt, with redish-orange colored sleeves, and patterns, with a purple orb-like object embedded in the middle of the shirt. This is fitted with a dark grey shorts, the same shade of red as sleeves, socks, and dark grey cleats. The female team jerseys have got not much of a difference, but the area below the torso is colored grey but in the male version it is light grey. The limiter release button for the guys are on the side, and the limiter release for the girls are in the middle of the chest.