Rococo Urupa
Dub name Duane Handest
Character Info
Gender Male
Position GK
Number 1 (GK)
18 (FW)
Element Earth

Little Gigant

Neo Genesis

Seiyuu Yuki Kaida
Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

Episode 68

Rococo Urupa (ロココ・ウルパ) is one of the supporting characters in the Inazuma Eleven game and anime. He's a goalkeeper and the captain of Little Gigant. He also played as a forward for Little Gigant.



Young Rococo He is taller than Endou and has teal hair and black eyes. He is mostly seen wearing Little Gigant jacket or goalkeeper uniform, and has tan skin like the rest of Little Gigant.


He is very happy-go-lucky but, at times he is serious. His attitude is also sometimes quite similar to Endou. He is also like a grandson for Daisuke.


Season 3Editar

130px-Rococo forward-1-

Rococo as Little Gigant's forward. His first appearance was in episode 68. He asked his coach when will he be able to fight against 'him', to which his coach said, he will have a chance to play against him sooner (at the top of the world). Then, he reappeared again with his coach because Natsumi had something to say to Endou, while telling Endou how he, with the help of Daisuke, became stronger. It was revealed that when he was young, he was bad at soccer and didn't have a never-give-up attitude. But after listening to Daisuke's words, he decided to train harder and become a goalkeeper and started training with tires.


Rococo as Little Gigant's goalkeeper. Then his team and the people of the Cotarl area got attacked by Team Garshield. Because most of his teammates were in bad shape including him, they weren't able to fight Team Garshield. Instead, Inazuma Japan helped them, to which Inazuma Japan wins. He was glad to see that everyone was okay.

Then, after a day or so, Rococo had to face Inazuma Japan in the World Tournament. He used God Hand X and was able to block most shoot hissatsu, but Hiroto 's Tenkuu Otoshi made through. Then he used Tamashii The Hand which was much more powerful than God Hand X. But Tamashii the Hand was broken by Jet Stream. In the end, his team lost. He is last seen at the departure airport with Fideo and Endou, the three of them saying their goodbyes.