This is the historial of Neo Genesis until the match vs Fire Knight's


In Neo Genesis Academy, there is a football team that is preparing for the Football Frontier Tournament (F.F.T.). That team is Neo Genesis, the most powerful team of the tournament.

The team is composed by: the capitain Mew Jonny, is passion in the S. E., Bellatrix, Mew Jonny's best friends: Paolo, Steelux, Samford, Gran (Xavier), King, Silver and Gazel and their teammates: Modlin, Hillvalley, Master, and the alternates: Rococo, Turner, Demeter, Wheeze, Dvalin, Tyler, Cloak, Talisman and Demonio Strada.

They had faced the strange Occult Jr. High in a friendly which they win by 4-0 (1-0 with Dragon Storm, 2-0 Super Nova, 3-0 Space Penguin and 4-0 Gaia Storm).