Sail Bluesea (Cloak)
Kirigakure Saiji-1-
Dub name Sail "Cloak" Bluesea
Character Info
Gender Male
Position FW
Number 11
Element Fire
Team Sengoku Igajima

Neo Japan

Seiyuu Kobayashi Yumiko
Inazuma Eleven (game)

Episode 16

Sail Bluesea (Cloak) is the captain of Farm Junior High's soccer team.


Inazuma Eleven (game)Editar

  • "Sometimes forgets football rules in favour of his ninja techniques."


Kirigakure has pale, dusty rose hair that is shaped like fire. He has two horizontally placed black dots on his forhead and orange-red eyes. He wears the Sengoku Igajima uniform.


180px-Kirigakure Saiji (2)-1-
Season 1

Before the game, when both teams were practicing, Kirigakure goes over to Raimon's side of the field first challenges Gouenji to a race, but was declined. Kazemaru says that they should ignore Kirigakure and keep practicing. Kazemaru then looks at Miyasaka and decides he doesn't want to disappoint him so he accepts the challenge. The challenge is stopped halfway through because of two teammates from Sengoku Igajima. They say that they should not be wasting their time and apologize to Raimon.

180px-Kazemaru kirigakure2-1-

Cloak with Nathan.

Season 3Editar

He joined Neo Japan because he wanted to represent Japan and become strong.