Steel Lux (Steelux)
Yuuto kidou 6464-1-
Dub name Steel Lux (Steelux)
Character Info
Gender Male
Position MF

10 (Teikoku)

9 (Neo Genesis)

Element Wind
  • Teikoku (former)
  • Neo Genesis
  • Neo Flames
Seiyuu Hiroyuki Yoshino
Inazuma Eleven (game)

Chapter 1 Episode 1 Episode 014 (GO)

  • Steel Lux (Steelux) is the midfielder and capitain of Royal Academy Kai.
  • After descovering his commander's evil actions, he talked to Mew Jonny, who becomed is best friend, to join Neo Genesis.
  • When Aqualina Shiller, Neo Genesis' trainer, was there with Nelly Raimon to recruit he, it was love at first sight.
  • At the final of S. E., he becomes Nelly's boyfriend.



Steel Lux 's T. C. G. Card

Steelux wears a red cape during season 1 and changed his cape to blue in season 2 but it became red again during season 3. He always wears goggles which were given to him by Kageyama. His eyes are red without goggles. His hair is braided and tied. When he was little, he didn't wear goggles at all until Kageyama gave him some. With the goggles, he could see where the ball exactly gets kicked, and after getting hit, where it would exactly land.

When out of Raimon or just not wearing Raimon's uniform, tracksuit etc, he is seen wearing a red jacket, a black shirt, blue jeans and combat boots. In his house, he doesn't wear his jacket or combat boots, and replaces his combat boots with slippers.

In GO, his hair grows longer. He wears a grey coat that matchs his trousers color, a tie, and a pair of burgundy shoes. He still wears goggles, although it's different from the previous season. The glasses are now bigger and instead of being blue with grey, they are now green with white.


Steelux is very intelligent and persuasive. When his parents died he was sent to a rich family, and even though he has everything he is very generous. Since he were at the Royal Academy with Kageyama (its commander), he changed a lot from his child self.

His intelligency is not only for school, as he has a lot of culture and knows how to correct most of his team's errors. He is also very optimistic, while it doesn't look so at first sight.

After he left the Royal Academy and went to Neo Genesis, he learnt what teamwork is, and enjoyed his soccer much more after leaving the Royal Academy and its commander.

He is a very good friend of Mew Jonny, and has a passioante love with Nelly.