Suzuno Fuusuke

Gazel (Alien name)

Dub name Bryce Withingale
Storm or Fox (Alien name)
Character Info
Gender Male (Original, France, Spain, German, Italian and Brazilian dub)

Female (English )

Position FW
Number 10 (Diamond Dust)
11 (Chaos and Fire Dragon)
Element Wind

Diamond Dust (former) Chaos (former) Fire Dragon

Neo Genesis

Seiyuu Fujiko Takimoto

Games: Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha

Anime: Episode 52

  • Later in season 3, he becomes one of the forwards of Korea's national team, Fire Dragon.
  • Now, he is Defender in the Neo Genesis.



He has icy blue hair that is pointed towards the left and teal-colored eyes. He also has raised sleeves and a slender body. His normal clothes consist of a purple jacket, light blue shirt, brown trousers and a pair of dark brown sneakers. He used to wear the uniform of Diamond Dust and later on, Chaos.


Suzuno in his normal clothes


Usually, he's calm, arrogant and always confident about his own skills. He's also a genius and talented soccer player, and tends to comb his hair with his fingers, an action similar to Tobitaka Seiya.


Season 2Editar

He is one of the top players of Aliea Academy, Diamond Dust's captain and forward. He first appeared when Epsilon Remastered lost to Raimon and exiles Desarm and the Epsilon team. He seemed to be intrigued by Endou and challenges him to one match. However, the match wasn't as easy as Suzuno imagined, and ended in a draw. He was seen stroking his hair after becoming irritated during the match, and was shocked and almost couldn't speak during the meeting with Gran and Burn after the match. Later on, he joined forces with Burn to create the strongest team, Chaos.
180px-Fuusuke Suzuno 'Gazel' 1-1-

Season 3Editar

He was recruited by Aphrodi to join Fire Dragon, along with Burn. During the match against Inazuma Japan, he, Aphrodi and Burn brought out their strongest move, Chaos Break, but Fire Dragon still lost to Inazuma Japan at a score of 4 - 3.