Tyler Murdock
250px-Mukata Tsutomi-1-
Dub name Tyler Murdock
Character Info
Gender Male
Position Forward
Number 11 (Kirkwood)

14 (Neo Japan)

Element Earth
Team Kidokawa Seishuu, Neo Japan
Seiyuu Go Shinomiya
Inazuma Eleven 1

Episode 20

  • Tyler Murdock is a forward/midfielder from Kirkwood Jr. High.He is one of the Mukata Triplets.
  • Tsutomu joined the team Neo Japan, thus Neo Japan came to know the hissatsu Triangle Z.
  • Now is a midfielder of Neo Genesis.


He wears glasses like his two brothers, except that Tsutomu has triagular-shaped green hair.


Season 1Editar

He appeared in the episode The Killer Hissatsu Triangle Z with his brothers.He and his brothers wanted to pick a fight with Gouenji Shuuya, but had it with Endou, he tried to get revenge from Gouenji for causing the Kidokawa Seishu to lose the finals of the last year Soccer Frontier Nations.When he found out why Gouenji didn't come to the finals, he apoligized to him.

Season 3Editar

He join in Neo Japan.