Alineacion Zeus DS
Team Data
Dub name Zeus
Captain Aphrodite
Wins 3
Draws 0
Loss 2
Game Inazuma Eleven (Game)
Manga None
Anime Episode 025

Zeus emblem
  • Zeus Junior High was the strongest team in the Football Frontier tournament due to the fact that they had Kageyama backing them and that they willingly drank the Aqua of The Gods - a drugged water filled with chemicals giving them god-like strength.
  • The former captain of Zeus Junior High was Aphrodi but he later joined the Inazuma Caravan during their fight against Aliea Acadamy. During the FFI arc he joins Korea's national team Fire Dragon.
  • In Inazuma Eleven the Movie, they were defeated by Ogre in the Football Frontier semi-finals, who led with a score of 36-0 at the end of the match.
  • He is Mew Jonny's twin brother, but he doesn's know because has a car acident. After their game Vs Neo Genesis, Zeus' team join God Genesis


Their team jersey consists of a white t-shirt, with blue stripes around the collar and sleeves of their shirts, with white pants with black cycling pants underneath. This is also worn with white arm bands. Some of the members wear a white sash along with the jersey(imitating a greek tunic), some do not. Their socks are periwinkle color, and their cleats are dark blue in color with white accents. The goalkeeper uniform is dark brown, with dark purple sleeves and light purple shorts.

180px-Zeus Wii-1-


  • Posei Donichi (GK) (based off Poseidon)
  • Aporo Hikaru (DF) (based off Apollo)
  • Hepai En (DF) (based off Hephaestus)
  • Aresu Ran (DF) (based off Aries)
  • Deio Geki (DF) (based off Dionysus)
  • Arute Saneki (MF) (based off Artemis)
  • Herume Matsuaki (MF) (based off Hermes)
    180px-Colégio Zeus-1-
  • Atena Tomo (MF anime) (FW game) (based off Athena)
  • Demete Yutaka (FW) (based off Demeter)
  • Terumi Afuro (MF/Captain) (based off Aphrodite)
  • Hera Tadashi (FW anime) (MF game) (based off Hera)


280px-Defeated Zeus-1-
  • Kageyama Reiji


  • God Knows
  • Dash Storm
  • Heaven's Time
  • Reflect Buster
  • Divine Arrow
  • Mega Quake
  • Tsunami Wall
  • Gigant Wall
  • Divine Stamp