Adam Sanchi (アダム・サンチー, Adamu Sanchī) is the head coach for Eternal Dancers.


Adam is a short old man, he has gray hair styled in four big spikes and a long beard tied into three braids, he also has thick eyebrows and a mustache.

He wears a maroon-red suit and black shoes.


Adam strongly believes in his team's skills and abilities, but he's a very nervous man and couldn't calm down during the match.


At the beginning of the match with Inazuma Japan he was talking with Sabine Nojima about Japan's team. He was very confident and said that Japan would fall apart in the face of Uzbekistan's power and strength. But Sabine stated that Inazuma certainly prepared a strategy knowing about their infinite stamina.

During the first half of the match Eternal Dancers easily scored two goals. Inazuma Japan was completely broken since there was no one to lead the team on the field. But before the second half started, Nosaka Yuuma returned to his team and the game has changed. Inazuma Japan improved their play and were able to score some goals, despite rough plays of Uzbekistan. After Inazuma used their tactic Grid Omega version 2.0., Eternal Dancers were completely exhausted and lost their infinite stamina. Adam shouted at the players and encouraged them to counterattack. But they weren't able to finish their tactic Eternal Run and lost. Adam was sitting at the bench completely shocked and surprised. At the end, Inazuma won this match with a score 4 – 2.


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