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Aggressive Beat (アグレッシブビート, Aguresshibu Bīto) is a dribble hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

  • "Turn up the bass, and send your opponent sprawling with sound waves."



Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone

It was used by Tenma in episode 2 to get past some players from Protocol Omega.

It was used again in episode 3 to get past some players from Protocol Omega.

Tenma used it another time in episode 4 to get past Reiza, a forward of Protocol Omega.

It was used again in episode 13 to get past two players of Shiroshika.

It appeared again in episode 36, being evolved into Aggressive Beat 改, used by Tenma in Tenmas to get past Nishiki in the match against Entaku no Kishidan and it was successful.

It was used again in episode 44 but it failed against Fei Rune who tackled through the hissatsu to steal it from Tenma.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Aggressive Beat reappeared later again in episode 1, used by Tenma during the exhibition match between Inazuma Japan and Teikoku Gakuen, to pass some defenders but it was stopped by Sargasso V2.


The user first keeps their left hand on their chest, at the place where heart is. Then, the hand charges with green coloured energy. The user then runs past the opponent(s) and the background goes black and a green line forms in the black background, similar to a person's pulse/heart rate. The user then runs off with the ball.







Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone ワンダートラップ+アグレッシブビート

Chrono Stone game


Inazuma Eleven Go 2 Chrono Stone Hissatsu Aggresive Beat

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


IE GO Strikers 2013 - Aggressive Beat


  • The name of the move is a reference to the word heartbeat since the way the light dashed has the same effect like how to see a person's pulse rate.
  • It is the first hissatsu used in the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.