Alice Berardi (アリ―チェ・ベラルディ, Arīche Berarudi) is a defender for Guardians of Queen.


Alice played for Guardians of Queen in the match against Inazuma Japan. She successfully stole the ball from Haizaki Ryouhei and dribbled past Mizukamiya Seiryuu, demonstrating the enhanced speed attained from the use of supporters. She attempted to go through Kazemaru Ichirouta as well, however, the supporters exerted a strain on her muscles causing her some discomfort. Kazemaru used this opportunity to performed his hissatsu technique Spinning Fence, successfully took the ball back from her.

She was seen worried about her teammate Niccolò Fino, who was injured from the supporters. Her team has a conversation about the supporters, with she and Matteo Domenico concerned that something was wrong with it. The conversation persisted before the group were approached by Petronio Patti, reminding them the priority is to enforce the instruction of Irina and win the match. Alice agreed with Petronio in a very reluctant tone before returning to her position to allow the game to resume. She was later seen alongside some teammates gathered around Matteo in the aftermath of both his goal and injury. Inamori Asuto approached Petronio requesting him to justify why they subject themselves to the strain the supporters exert on the users muscles. One of Asuto's comments provoked a response from Alice shrugging her shoulders and crossing her arms placing them against her chest. Asuto's speech resulted in Petronio announcing the team would be removing the supporters, while making the team believed that it was the instruction from Irina.

During the half time, Alice was seen alongside the others on the team during Petronio's address exclaiming that the team will demonstrate they'll win without the supporters and Orion's intervention. She responded to Petronio stating that they can do it. She was surprised when Irina appears announcing that she would replace the coach with Vladimir, Vladimir then announced that the team will revert to using the supporters. Alice questioned the act of the coach, Petronio then revealed that removing the supporters was a decision of his own, to the shock of Alice and her team. Alice returned to wearing the supporters, with Petronio leading the way despite her and the wider team's dismay and reluctance. Her first act of the second half was competing with Asuto for the ball which she failed, despite her enhanced speed and power.


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