The Amano Mikado Stadium (アマノミカドスタジアム, Amano Mikado Sutajiamu, lit. Paradise Stadium) is one of the stadiums and is the central and the main stadium of the Russian Roulette in the Holy Road nationals tournament.



Russian Roulette Stadium exterior

The exterior of the Amano Mikado Stadium.

Debuting in episode 22, this stadium was first seen in the Holy Road nationals opening ceremony, where the Holy Emperor makes his opening speech.

Amano Mikado Stadium raised

The stadium raised up.

It had made another appearance in episode 41, since the final opposing Raimon and Seidouzan will start. In episode 42, it rose into the sky since Raimon was playing against Dragonlink. The audience was shocked by that. But at the end of episode 44, it returned down and it was seen with many colored lights because of Raimon's victory.


Amano Mikado Stadium HQ Wii

Amano Mikado Stadium in the Wii game.

As seen in a trailer of the GO game, the final will be Raimon against Seidouzan, and then against Dragonlink. As seen in a cutscene of the GO game, most of the Inazuma Japan members will watch the Holy Road's final in the Amano Mikado Stadium.

It is shown in the 46th cutscene of the game that after Raimon won, Hibiki is the one who was making the speech since he became the new Holy Emperor.

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