Amdu Scias (アムドゥ・スキアス, Amudu Sukiasu) is a defender for Shining Satans.


Amdu has pale skin and is average in height. He has neck-length white hair with only two long, thin bangs coming down. He also has red right eye and yellow left eye.


Amdu played with his team against Inazuma Japan during the Football Frontier International. He didn't have much defending to do at first since Inazuma Japan was struggling with Shining Satans' plays and their captain, Endou Mamoru, wasn't able to stop Satan Gaul's Time Trance due to the timing of the technique. However, Inazuma Japan's players were able to figure out their opponents plays and quickly tied the score 4-4. At the end of the match, Amdu watched Inazuma Japan celebrating their victory after Haizaki Ryouhei and Kira Hiroto scored the winning goal with Penguin The God & Devil while some of his teammates helped Pazuzu Zaham to get up.



  • His name is derived from Amdusias, one of the demon Dukes cited in the anonymous grimoire known as Ars Goetia.


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