Anger Rage N (アンガーレイジN, Angā Reiji N) is a game exclusive team introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone.


  1. Hologram (GK)
  2. Shirosou (DF)
  3. Suou (DF)
  4. Monk (DF)
  5. Gaura (DF)
  6. Dorimu (MF)
  7. Siren (MF)
  8. Takeda (MF)
  9. Kutou Senji (MF)
  10. Oishi (FW)
  11. Aru (FW)
  12. Sunaga (GK)
  13. Harima (DF)
  14. Genta (DF)
  15. Ashiga (MF)


  • This team only appears in the Neppuu version of the game, hence the "N".
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