Phoenix Army of Arab emblem

Arab no Hinotori Gundan (アラブの()(とり)軍団(ぐんだん), Arabu no Hinotori Gundan, lit. Phoenix Army of Arab) is the representative team for Saudi Arabia in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


They encounter Inazuma Japan for the fourth match in the FFI. They have a strong aerial game, based on high passes and heading. Their name, "Arab no Hinotori Gundan" highlights this characteristic.


Arab no Hinotori Gundan's uniform is black at the center with red-orange sleeves and some touches at the bottom of the shirt. The collar, the sleeve borders and the shirt number is turquoise. They wear plain white shorts and black socks with a turquoise upper. The goalkeeper uniform is yellow with sky-blue sleeves with white lines starting from the black collar and finishing at the end of the sleeves. He also wears plain white shorts and blue socks with a black upper. The captain armband is purple.


  1. Falcon Ali (GK/captain)
  2. Gala Magos (DF)
  3. Pekka Ream (DF)
  4. Sami Luis (DF)
  5. Dorgan Butler (MF)
  6. Ghaddar Ghana (MF)
  7. Hisoka Masoka (MF)
  8. Hulk Laios (MF)
  9. Condor Willy (FW)
  10. Andreas Bebo (FW)
  11. Silva Leol (MF)
  12. Pedro Amida (MF)
  13. Samir Amida (MF)

Hissatsu tactics



  • The team name was originally their nickname, though it was later used as the team's official name.
  • This team is the only team in the entire Inazuma Eleven universe that can't score a single goal against Japan representative team.
  • Their uniform is different from the usual Saudi Arabia colors of green and white. The colors are closer to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Kuwait uniforms.


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