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Arthur (アルトゥール, Arutūru) is a forward and the captain for Ole de Samba.


Arthur has messy red hair with a grey streak in the front and grey temples. He has grey eyebrows, red eyelashes, light grey eyes with a cyan shine and tanned skin.


Arthur worked at a factory when he was a kid in other to support his family. He had no fun and after their work he liked to look at the sky, one day when he was doing so he met with the Orion Corporation's future CEO Bernard Girikanan. He then was asked by Bernard if he ever played soccer, at this moment Arthur's friends and future team partners appeared and joined the conversation, they then learned that money is important but without having fun, it had no use. Bernard then taught Arthur, Miguel, Lucian, and Daninho soccer and with time they began liking it and reunited a whole team of kids at that factory, that in the future would become the representative of Brazil. In the present day, the team of children became part of the Orion Corporation and played all the way to the quarter-finals against Inazuma Japan. Brazil also faced England and won. Brazil's team also won all of its matches without receiving any goals. During the match between Brazil and Japan, Arthur and his allies led Brazil to the advantage of using their amazing abilities. However, Arthur and the team received the order to use the methods of Orion to win the match and so they did it until he decided to talk it out with Bernard. Arthur failed and kept on using the methods alongside the others, but after seeing Japan's "illegal plays" he noticed that they were supposed to play the way they like and so he convinced the team to rebel against Orion and stop using their methods. Arthur and the team resisted to the last second but it was too late and in a shocking endgame, Brazil lost. But still, they were happy to play against Japan. Later at the FFI finals in which Ole de Samba were present, Arthur was convoked to be part of Zhao Jinyuns the team that would face Shadow of Orion at the anime´s final match.