As Taroth (アス・タロト, Asu Taroto) is a forward for Shining Satans.


As is very tall and muscular for a teenager. He has brown skin with long dark brown hair. The front of the hair is shaped like horns and the rest just falls off. He has four golden hair-slides (two for each side) just below his horn. He has dark brown eyebrows, red eyes and a large nose.


Looking pretty rough, As has big dreams and ambitions such as to go to the light of world level. He tends to get heat up easily by his ambitions, and his teammate Sar Gatanas often cool him down. He also seems to be loyal to Satan Gaul.


At the beginning of the match with Inazuma Japan he and Sar Gatanas easily stole the ball from Asuto, which surprised him very much. Right after they did the same to Fubuki Shirou, they passed him and kept going to Japan's goal. Soon Japan's team realized that Australia didn't specialize in physical combat, which was contrary to what the saw on the video brought them by Ichihoshi Mitsuru. As Taroth stated that Asia preliminaries were just a checkpoint for Australia, their main goal was the world. He said to Sar Gatanas that they will destroy Inazuma Japan as it was ordered. He smiled to Ichihoshi because they knew he was a Disciple of Orion as well.

As Taroth was mad after Inazuma Japan realized that they were using a hypnosis against them. Then he used the mirrors hidden in his cleats to blind Asuto and Haizaki and passed the ball to Satan Gaul, after which he scored the third goal. After Haizaki and Hiroto started to play rough against Australian team, the new player Luci Fanos came on the field to eliminate Inazuma Japan's players. But none of their strategies worked out. In the last five minutes of the match, As Taroth was trying to use some new hissatsu tactic but Haizaki stopped him by shooting a ball at him. Inazauma Japan managed to win this match with a score 5-4.



  • His name comes from Astaroth, one of the three great dukes of hell with Lucifer and Beelzebub.


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