Aurora Wave (オーロラウェーブ) is an offensive hissatsu tactics.




The players of Perfect Spark used this hissatsu tactics during their match against Inazuma Japan after they received the order on their Eleven Band. Due to this tactics, the players of Inazuma Japan weren't able to open their eyes, so they were unable to stop Perfect Spark from approaching Umihara Norika. In reality, they were taking advantage of the hissatsu tactics in order to spread tear gas or sleeping gas into the opponents by using their eleven bands.


All the team members reach up into what looks like the northern lights (aurora), then bring the streak of light down like a flowing strip of fabric. They then twirl and flip, rippling the aurora and extending it over the opposing side. The aurora's air flow makes it easy to spread irritant gases toward the opponent end to give the users an advantage.


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