Banana Shoot (バナナシュート, Banana Shūto) is a kick hissatsu tactic.



Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!


It was used once by Kazemaru Ichirouta in episode 73 and scored a goal. It shocked Desert Lion's goalkeeper Nasser Mustafa since he did not expect a shoot that would go in like an arc. It is used as a corner kick, and it curves into where the keeper least expects it.

In the game, this can be used during a free kick or a corner kick.


In the third game, its tactic manual could be found in Osaka. It situated on the right side of the red car situated near the theater.


One person positions their self and kicks the ball from the corner, and kicks a corner shoot and scores a goal afterwards. In the game, the ball leaves a banana-like green trail of light on its route.

In-game effects

It works just like a normal shoot hissatsu, thus element and strength attributes apply. The only differences are a tighter, but curved arc (useful for chain-shooting) and a TTP usage rather than a TP use. Additionally, it only works when shooting a corner kick.



Banana Shoot

Banana Shoot

Banana Shoot game version

Banana Shoot in the game.


Inazuma eleven 3 spark Banana shot

Inazuma eleven 3 spark Banana shot


  • In the anime, Banana Shoot is just a hissatsu and was only used once.
  • It's one of the few hissatsu techniques which is performed in a corner kick, like The Tube.
  • This tactic is one of two kick tactics, the other being The Tube.
  • The Banana Shoot as used in the anime should be disallowed by the rules of soccer, since the ball is not actually in play following a corner kick until it has made contact with another player.
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