Battle Brothers emblem

Battle Brothers (バトルブラザーズ, Batoru Burazāzu) is a game exclusive team in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.


They can be challenged at Kino Aki's route as the third team from the left route. All the members are at level 99.


  1. Shuu's Younger Sister (GK)
  2. Shuu (DF)
  3. Taki Sousuke (DF)
  4. Shiranui Eiji (MF)
  5. Taki Yoshihiko (MF)
  6. Shiranui Genichi (MF)
  7. Matatagi Hayato (MF/Dark side form)
  8. Gouenji Yuuka (FW/young form)
  9. Gouenji Shuuya (FW/young form)
  10. Tsurugi Kyousuke (FW)
  11. Tsurugi Yuuichi (FW/captain)
  12. Mukata Tsutomu (FW)
  13. Mukata Tomo (FW)
  14. Mukata Masaru (FW)
  15. Matatagi Yuuta (DF)
  16. Matatagi Shun (FW)

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • This team's members consist of siblings, hence the name Battle Brothers.