Breezes N (ブリージスN, Burījisu N) is a game exclusive team.


This team can be challenged as the second team on Yashima Narumi's upper taisen route. All members are at level 46.


  1. Shuten (GK)
  2. Torb (DF)
  3. Beat (DF)
  4. Sougetsu Nozomi (DF)
  5. Kitagata (DF)
  6. Hamano Kaiji (MF)
  7. Miwa (MF)
  8. Tomifuku (MF)
  9. Johnny Autumn (MF)
  10. Beta (MF)
  11. Spirits (FW)
  12. Hologram (GK)
  13. Shirosou (DF)
  14. Hazekura (DF)
  15. Ashitsu (FW)
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