Brocken Bogue emblem

Brockenborg (ブロッケンボーグ, Burokkenbōgu) is Germany's national team.


The T-shirt for the standard uniform is colored black and white with red sides, with black shorts and white socks with a black stripe on the top. The goalkeeper's shirt, which is long-sleeved, is colored black and yellow with red sides with black shorts and black socks. The uniforms are fitted with black cleats.


A few of the team's members appeared in episode 68 in a match against England's representatives, Knights of Queen. Unfortunately, they lost the match due to Edgar Valtinas, who scored an intense goal with his hissatsu Excalibur.

They reappeared in episode 85 during the opening ceremony of the FFI. They were put in Block B.

None of their games was shown in the anime. Though in the game, it was said that they won against Red Matador (thus preventing the Spanish from proceeding to the semi-finals). They also tied with Little Gigant but lost against The Kingdom and Rose Griffon. They finished the tournament in 4th place, with 4 points.


In order to have a match with Brockenborg, you have to first go to Cotarl's area and talk to Endou Daisuke. The team is challengeable in his upper route, as the second team.


  1. Torsten Berger (GK)
  2. Alexander Hausen (DF)
  3. Heinrich Fritz (DF)
  4. Kurt Zabel (DF)
  5. Luca Schmitt (DF)
  6. Theodor Ulrich (MF)
  7. Jan Oldeno (MF)
  8. Niklas Kaster (MF)
  9. Jonas Polak (MF/captain)
  10. Maximilian Milatz (FW)
  11. Peter Nimke (FW)
  12. Gerald Enders (GK)
  13. Erwin Volz (FW)
  14. Jens Hoffmann (FW)
  15. Ernst Frodeno (MF)
  16. Manuel Ewers (DF)




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