Capoeira Snatch (カポエィラスナッチ, Kapoeira Sunacchi) is a catch hissatsu technique.



In the anime, it was first seen trying to block Thunder Beast 改 but failed due to its high speed in episode 115. Later it can be seen that it was able to block Ryuusei Blade V2, but failed against the chain shoot of 真 Bakunetsu Screw and Dragon Slayer V3. Later it evolved into Capoeira Snatch V2 and blocked Tatsumaki Otoshi with some help from Roniejo. Later it evolved to Capoeira Snatch V3 to block The Birth but failed to do so.


The user does a spinning hand-stand until his/her foot comes in contact with the ball. The user uses his/her foot to throw the ball up in the air as its power completely drain out and lands on the user's head.





Inazuma Eleven - Capoeira Snatch

Inazuma Eleven - Capoeira Snatch


  • Capoeira ("ka-po-eh-ra") is a sport originated in the African minority groups of Brazil in the 16th century.
  • This hissatsu differs in the way it is broken through in the anime and in the game.
    • In the anime, when the user sends the ball into the sky, it slams into the ground, breaks through the hissatsu and goes into the goal. Either that, or it breaks through the grip of the user's leg and goes into the goal. In the game, the user accidently releases the ball in between the hissatsu and the ball slowly touches the white line and heads into the goal.
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