Checkmates W (チェックメイツW, Chekkumeitsu W) is a game exclusive team in the Inazuma Eleven GO: Shine game.


They appear in Raimon Souichirou's route. All the members are level 65. They also appear as the last team in Tachimukai's route. All the members are level 70.


The uniform is exactly the same as Dragonlink's except that it is considerably white in colour. The goalkeeper's uniform is white and black.


  1. Shiroou (GK)
  2. Shirosou (DF)
  3. Shirohi (DF)
  4. Gouishi Senma (MF)
  5. Gomaki Tetsurou (MF)
  6. Shirofu (MF)
  7. Shirorook (FW)
  8. Gonokami Eiji (FW)
  9. Aikawa Masaru (FW)
  10. Shiroknight (FW)
  11. Shirohime (FW)
  12. Shiroha (GK)
  13. Kamiyama Gounoshin (MF)
  14. Shirohe (FW)
  15. Shiroho (FW)
  16. Gousaki Haeru (FW)

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven GO


  • Most members of this team have Shiro in their names, which means white.
    • And "W" in their team's name probably a reference to "White". They are the White version of Checkmates B.
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