Condor Willy (コンドル・ウィリー, Kondoru Wirī) is a forward for Arab no Hinotori Gundan.


Condor has a brown skin and a regular height. He has messy dark brown hair and matching color eyebrows. His eyes are olive-green and he has two marks just below his both eyes.


After Inazuma Japan scored their first goal, Saudi Arabia players tried to counterattack. Andreas Bebo passed the ball to Condor but he was quickly blocked by Mansaku Yuuichirou and Iwato Takashi. After the team got new orders from their coach Eva Gordon, they started to play rough. Condor got the ball again from Andreas and immediately with other players used their tactic Driblaze against Inazuma Japan. Thanks to that they approached to the Japan's goal but failed to score. Condor continued passing the ball with his teammates but it was again stolen by Japan's players. Later Dorgan Butler tried to pass to Condor but Nosaka Yuuma prevented it and later their another passing was interrupted by Fudou Akio. Saudi Arabia's players kept trying to find the opportunity to shoot. Condor got the ball from Dorgan and passed it to Andreas who tried to score but he was blocked once again by Endou Mamoru. At the end of the match Condor was trying to stop running Ichihoshi but he passed him easily, saying that Condor had power but he couldn't react to short movements. After that Inazuma Japan scored their second goal and won this match.


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