Corodra Shoot (コロドラシュート, Korodora Shūto) is a game exclusive shoot hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven

  • "He might be cute, but this baby dragon has a shot like lightning!"



To get this in the first game, you must go to the roof of Raimon. There will be some people. You must talk to four of them. In the English version, you must talk to those to get this word, Baby Dragon.


The user charges the ball with electricity and a dragon rises and winks then when the user kicks the ball it follows the ball covered by sparks.


  • This hissatsu makes reference to the CoroCoro magazine. In fact, the user of this hissatsu is a cartoonized version of a staff member of CoroCoro.
  • This hissatsu bears a resemblance to Dragon Crash.
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