Dead Straight (デッドストレート, Deddo Sutorēto) is a shoot and a block hissatsu technique introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


It was first used by Tetsukado Shin during the match between Earth Eleven and Gurdon Eleven. After seeing that Nishizono Shinsuke had injured his arm, Tetsukado used it to block Rodan Gasgus' Kazangan. He also shot it towards Gurdon Eleven's goal and Arbega Gordon couldn't do anything to stop the shoot as he was suprised by it, so it scored it the first goal for Earth Eleven.

Tetsukado used Dead Straight omce more during the match between Earth Eleven and Faram Dite. He successfully blocked Tsurugi Kyousuke's normal shoot but failed to score against Argo BurgessRebound Layer.


The user first prepare themselves as they appear they are in a boxing ring. They then prepare their fists to counter and kick the ball with force with their right leg. After kicking, the ball is seen ready with a punch to strike and head towards the goal in a fast orange-yellowed beam.







Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Dead Straight (デッドストレート) Full HD

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Dead Straight (デッドストレート) Full HD

Galaxy game

Dead straight 2

Dead straight 2


  • In the game, the box glove doesn't have the lightning symbol on it.
  • This hissatsu is based on a counter punch.