Diabo Los (ディアボ・ロス, Diabo Rosu) is the head coach for Shining Satans.


He has short messy hair in turquoise color, thin mustache and frayed eyebrows. He has dark green eyes and a square jaw. On his chin there is small beard in two bands. He wears blue-white sweatshirt with the same pattern as the trainer and stripes on both sleeves, white shirt with a dark purple tie, gray trousers and brown shoes.


He is calm, convinced of the rightness of the team's actions and his strategies, he doesn't allow himself to think about defeat.


At the beginning of the match against Inazuma Japan he laughed when he revealed to the trainer his intentions of destruction the opponents. When Inazuma Japan noticed the differences in the current Australia game and the video they watched earlier, he said that they could try to defeat them in various ways but the only thing that would await them was the depth of hell. During the match he communicated with Satan Gaul and after that new player Luci Fanos came on the field. Their plan was to use blades hidden in his cleats to defeat Japan players one by one. When Inazuma Japan managed to win this match, he couldn't understand how they were able to discover their strategies, since Australian team were so good at concealing all informations about their game.


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