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El Dorado Team 01 (エルドラドチーム01) is a team in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


All members wear the away uniform of Raimon (GO).


El Dorado Team 01 first appeared in episode 39, led by Kidou Yuuto. As he said Tsurugi would be the captain, he was shocked.

They played against Zan at the Ragnarok Stadium. El Dorado Team 01 is then later overwhelmed by the rough plays of Zan, even injuring Tsurugi. In the end, they lost 5-1. The fourth goal that made Zan in the lead was Fei Rune's own goal while Nanobana Kinako in Keshin Armed shot the only point for the team.


Game (as playable team)
Game (as opponent team)

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  • This is one of the teams to have less than 11 members in an official match.

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