Emerico Lorca (エメリコ・ロルカ, Emerico Roruka) is a midfielder for Muteki no Giant in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Emerico has long, wavy hair that has a gradient of blue to white, from top to bottom. One side of his hair is tied with a white band. He has big two-toned eyes, with dark green on top and aqua green on the bottom.


Emerico appeared at the airport when Spanish team Muteki no Giant came to Russia for the Football Frontier International tournament. They met Inazuma Japan and American Star Unicorn and later everyone was warmly welcomed by captain of the Russian team Perfect Spark, Froy Girikanan.

When the match against Japan started, Emerico was running next to Inamori Asuto but he unexpectedly tricked him and kicked the ball further to Haizaki Ryouhei. Emerico and Rufino rushed towards Inazuma Japan who was charging on the Spanish goal, after they regained the ball, using new tactic triangle passes. When Clario failed to score with Megaru Diamond Ray, the match resumed and Japan counterattacked. Emerico clashed with Kazemaru Ichirouta and Hiura Kirina who supported him from behind. In the flashback Emerico was talking with his teammates about their possible opponents in the Football Frontier International. He asked the coach Pepe Banderas if he expected them to win the preliminaries since he told them about researching the opponent's teams. Emerico asked Clario which teams he was concerning about. Clario explained that he was thinking about Japan. Although they were still weak they would continue grow. Emerico stated that Japan's forward Gouenji Shuuya wasn't threat for them since he wasn't able to play due to his injuries. Later during the match he clashed with Goujin Tetsunosuke and Inamori Asuto for the ball but they managed to pass him.

When the match resumed after Japan scored the second goal, Bergamo Regult and Luther Fandam shot with new technique Twin Lancer. Thanks to this Spain took the lead with 3 points. Later Inazuma Japan counterattacked using Gouenji's Last Resort however Clario, along with Rufino Avalos and Domelgo Dominguez blocked it with The Shelter. At the end of the match Japan used another different strategy when Asuto rushed through the field, passing all players on his way, including the goalkeeper Alonso Fibiano. As a result, Japan tied with Spain 3-3 and the match soon ended.

It was shown later that Russia defeated Spain with a score 6-0. Muteki no Giant won the next match against America with the result of 2-1, which helped Japan advance to the finals.


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