Departure to Tomorrow (明日(あす)への船出(ふなで), Asu e no Funade) is the first episode of the Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin anime.


The episode starts with Inakuni soccer team practicing while somebody was watching them. The team seems bored by not having any real opponents and decide to ask the principal Fuyukai Suguru to play against mainland team. When they get to the principal, he informs them about sponsorship system and how Inakuni's soccer has fallen behind so the club has to be disbanded. They are interrupted by a loud noise - workers have started demolishing school's soccer field. Inamori Asuto runs to the field and tries to stop them but gets mildly injured.

Soon after, Umihara Norika patches his wounds but they are interupted by Asuto's best friend, Hiura Kirina, bringing bad news. Asuto's mother is in a bad state. Asuto rushes to the hospital and after a brief chat, she dies. After her death, Asuto runs to Peak Cliff to be alone.

The following morning, Asuto is woken up by Mansaku Yuuichirou with news about soccer club. Whole team is summoned at the principal's office and he informs them of a chance to keep playing soccer but a condition must be met. They need to go to Tokyo, participate in Football Frontier and win one match.

Afterwards, they talk outside about not having a chance to win but Kozoumaru finally shows up and he is disappointed with them, he thought he could improve his skills on the island but what he found was a bunch of cowards. Even though the team is in bad spirits, Asuto is determined to win. Afterwards, whole team thinks about going to Tokyo. In the end, whole team decides to leave the island and go to Tokyo to keep playing soccer.

Soon after, they arrive at Raimon Jr High and are woundering what happened to the last year's team while somebody was watching them. Time jumps a week forward and Raimon's and Seishou Gakuen's match begins. Kozoumaru scores the first goal with Fire Tornado and the team celebrates. The episode ends with Seishou in formation to start Death Zone.

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