Here Comes the Dragon! (ドラゴンが出た!, Doragon ga deta!) is the 4th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The match against Occult is about to start! But before that, Gouenji joins the team and Someoka is irritated by it. During the match, the members are having trouble deciding which forward to pass to and the team is falling apart. Will they be able to make a comeback in time before the match is over?


Ghost Lock 004 7

Occult using Ghost Lock.

It is a game day for Raimon as they are playing against a team that is supposedly cursed - Occult. Gouenji is now officially a part of the team, about which Someoka is not happy about. When Occult arrives, their coach makes it clear that he is only interested in Gouenji, much to the annoyance of Someoka who states that Occult's opponent isn't just Gouenji but the entire team.

Nekketsu Punch 004 HD

Endou using Nekketsu Punch, to punch the fast shoot.

Someoka manages to score quickly with his shoot hissatsu Dragon Crash, giving Raimon the first point. Someoka scores the second point the same way, much to the annoyance of Occult. Occult begin their counterattack and the coach starts to utter a strange incantation. Yuukoku initiates Ghost Lock, which causes Raimon to be unable to move, enabling Occult to easily score a point using Phantom Shoot. Raimon tries to score another point, but are stopped by Occult's goalkeeper who uses Yugamu Kuukan. Occult uses Ghost Lock once again to score another point, making the score 2-2, and then 2-3.

First Dragon Tornado 004 HD

The first Dragon Tornado.

During half time, Endou thinks about the Occult's coach's strange incantation and wonders if it has something to do with Ghost Lock. During the match Endou studies Ghost Lock carefully and figures out it's meaning. He quickly counters the 'curse' by shouting 'rumble rumble rumble boom', which frees everyone from Ghost Lock. He blocks the next attack with his new Hissatsu, Nekketsu Punch.

After Endou and Megane explain that Ghost Lock was an audio-visual hypnosis, Endou throws the ball to Someoka. Gouenji realizes that the reason why no one can score is because Occult's goalkeeper uses another hypnosis trick. Knowing this, Someoka uses Dragon Crash to pass the ball to Gouenji, who scores using Fire Tornado. This new combo Hissatsu is dubbed Dragon Tornado by Gouenji.

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