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Last Soccer (最後(さいご)のサッカー, Saigo no Sakkaa) is the fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Another match starts against Protocol Omega to return Kyousuke to play soccer. They succeed, but Tenma has to say farewell to the alternate Yuuichi. Even though with this success, it is short lived as soccer is suddenly banned.

Major events

  • Alpha confronts Matsukaze Tenma again and also Shindou Takuto and Nishizono Shinsuke.
  • Tsurugi Yuuichi tries to convince Tsurugi Kyousuke to play soccer again.
  • Fei, Yuuichi and the Duplis play in the Raimon team.
  • Yuuichi and Kyousuke's aura fuse together with the Mixi Max Gun.
  • Zaizen Sousuke reappears.
  • Raimon wins the match against Protocol Omega with a score of 1-0.
  • Tsurugi Yuuichi scores the goal with Death Drop to defeat Protocol Omega.
  • The alternate Yuuichi disappears because they won the match, so the parallel universes merged in the original one.

Hissatsu/Keshin used



Mixi Max/Keshin Armed used

Mixi Max

Keshin Armed



[Tsurugi Yuuichi] If that is my true destiny, then I accept it and I will conquer it!