Tenma's Entrance Exam! (天馬(てんま)入部(にゅうぶ)テスト!, Tenma no Nyuubu Testo!) is the fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


Soccer field

The episode began with Tsurugi joining the Raimon Soccer Club. Shindou gave Tsurugi the Raimon soccer uniform but Tsurugi slammed it away. Shindou didn't agree with it and wanted to punch Tsurugi but Sangoku stopped Shindou.


Tenma was seen practicing for the Raimon soccer club test so he can join the Raimon team and Shinsuke joined with Tenma to practice. Elsewhere, the Raimon team and especially Sangoku lamented on how they are forced to do nothing when against another soccer team because of their principal. Shindou sat in the Raimon soccer room, thinking about being a captain. Then Sangoku came in and Shindou said to Sangoku why Sangoku has choose him as captain. Sangoku said that Shindou can lead to the team to the victory with his strategy.

Extrance exam

Afterwards, Tenma and Shinsuke try out for the Raimon soccer team. Tenma passed through the other members of the Raimon team except for Shindou. Both Tenma and Shinsuke were having a hard time. Tenma kept saying to Shinsuke, once more. Shindou got angry about that and he shot the ball at Tenma, which Tenma got hurt and shocked the whole team. After that, Tenma still didn't give up and went to the ball but fell on the ground, which, shocked Aoi and Shinsuke, who ran towards Tenma. Tenma and Shinsuke were chosen for the Raimon soccer club. They were congratulated by the other Raimon members for becoming new members in the Raimon team but Shindou was sad and angry because Tenma didn't know the "soccer", they had to play.

Major events

  • Tenma and Shinsuke try out for the Raimon Soccer Club.
  • More about Shindou's past is revealed.
  • Tenma and Shinsuke pass their exam and join Raimon officially.


[Matsukaze Tenma] I won't give up. Because, I want to play soccer!