The Mystery of The Team's Creation (チーム結成(けっせイ)(なぞ), Chīmu kessei no nazo) is the fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


The match between Inazuma Japan and Fire Dragon has ended with Inazuma Japan winning. However, some members of the team don't participate in training because of their contract with Kuroiwa that they can do whatever they want after winning the first match. Tenma tries to persuade everyone to join the training but fails. Shindou goes to Gouenji's place to ask for a back-up and finds out that Kuroiwa is trying to take over the world of soccer into darkness. The next day, an withdrawal exam of Inazuma Japan is announced that those who passes will be allowed to withdraw from the team and fulfill their contract.


[Matsukaze Tenma] If you keep working on basic training, you're sure to get better!