Laughing Ichihoshi ((わら)一星(いちほし), Warau Ichihoshi) is the fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


Inazuma Japan are training for the upcoming match against Australia but they have no info on the team, so they have no idea what kind of plays Australia has. Some are training in groups, some in pairs, and others on their own. While the others are training, Kidou Yuuto goes to Zhao Jinyun to ask if something is up with the tournament as well as some background info of Ichihoshi Mitsuru but with no success. Endou Mamoru and Ichihoshi are training with each other but the last ball Ichihoshi kicks, a spike appears out of the ball and Endou manages to dodge it thanks to Kidou's warning. What is Ichihoshi up to?

Major events




[Kidou Yuuto] For you, the next "light" in your life will be found across the ocean.


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