Where's the Secret Technique Manual?! (秘伝書はどこだ!, Hiden-sho wa dokoda!) is the 5th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The Football Frontier is about to start and Raimon are up against the terrifying jumpers of Nose Junior High in their first game. Everyone agrees that unless they come up with a new technique, they are finished before they even start. Just when all hope is lost, Endou finds another notebook written by his grandfather.


At the football frontier team selection, it is revealed that Raimon's first opponent is Nose Junior High.

Welcome to the soccer club

Domon joins Raimon.

At the soocer club, everyone is introduced to the new transfer student (Domon Asuka) who wants to join the team. He and Aki confirm that they know each other. Endou welcomes him eagerly and claims that they're going to win the football frontier, but Domon warns him that Nose have very good jumping abilities. Endou dismisses his warning by saying that they have many powerful shoots, but Domon still insists that Nose could beat them with their jumping ability and intercept any of their hissatsu techniques. Endou decides that the answer to their problem is to create a new hissatsu technique.

Raimon's reaction to Daisuke's notebook

Everyone was surprised that Endou could read the notebook even if it had messy writing.

During their practice, Furukabu interrupts them and talks to them about the legendary Inazuma Eleven, whose coach was Endou's grandfather. Fuyukai is seen talking to Kageyama through his cellphone and saying that there’s no doubt that they’ll lose against Nose. Later that day, Endou talks to his mother about his grandfather but receives an “I don’t know” as the only response. His father explains to him, in his room, how his mother believes that soccer brought harm to Daisuke and then pats his shoulder thrice. He tells Endou before leaving his room that even though he does not know much about soccer, he knows that sports is good for boys his age.

The next day they continue their practice, but no one seems able to come up with a technique. After visiting Rairaiken and getting a clue about Endou Daisuke's secret notebook from the boss of the restaurant, Endou and the others start to look for it. Natsumi manages to locate the notebook for them, although no one apart from Endou can read it.

Gouenji figuring out how to use Inazuma Otoshi

Gouenji telling how the Inazuma Otoshi works.

Endou reads out the description for the hissatsu technique called Inazuma Otoshi, although no one can understand the description. During practice Gouenji figures out what the description meant, Endou decides to pair Gouenji and Kabeyama together for the new hissatsu and they started their special training.

Major events

  • The start of the Football Frontier Preliminaries.
  • Domon joins Raimon.
  • Raimon obtain the next notebook of Endou Daisuke.





[Endou Mamoru] Just when we humans think we can't make it... that's exactly when we're able to bring out our full potential!