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The Fixed Game (仕組(しく)まれた試合(しあい), Shikuma Reta Shiai) is the fifth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


The episode started off with Tenma waking up in the morning and said that he was excited about the soccer club. When the classes ended, Tenma, Shinsuke and Aoi ran off to the club room but there was nobody yet. When everyone came, they bowed and greeted them. When everyone was in the soccer club, the new members introduced themself and the already soccer members introdued them too to the new members. After that, Otonashi gave Tenma and Shinsuke their soccer uniform in which Tenma said that those were the first team uniforms. Kirino Ranmaru answered that the whole second team left and some of the first team too, so there was no point of joining the second team.

After that, they go and practice soccer in the field. Shindou got mad about Tsurugi's attitude and actions. Then, Megane received a phone call from Coach Kudou while he is playing on his computer. After, there was a team meeting in the club room. It is revealed that the phone call was a challenge from the team Eito, and the result of the match was fixed. Raimon has to lose by 3-0. Then when Shindou was heading home, a mother of one of the teammates of Eito called to him and gave him a ticket as a bribe and left. Shindou was holding the ticket angrily. The next day, the match begins, and Eito scores the first goal but Sangoku could have stopped it with his hissatsu. As the team was pretending to be not strong against Eito Gakuen. Tenma cannot believe what he is seeing. At the end, there is a mysterious man who is at the stadium watching. He, himself also cannot believe what is happening.

Hissatsu used





[Matsukaze Tenma] As long as I practice, I'll definitely be able to do it!



  • The title of the episode refers to how Fifth Sector controls soccer.