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The Feelings Put in the Last Pass (ラストパスにこめた(おも)い, Lasto pass ni kometa omoi) is the sixth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


The battle of Raimon vs. Eito continues. As Eito already has 3 points, will Raimon be able to catch up?


First half

Eito scored 2-0. Tenma could not understand what was happening to the team since during their practice. They were really good at shooting.

Second half

The second half begins and Eito already has 3 points. Tenma has learned that that his team might be disbanded if they don't listen to orders from Fifth Sector, and with everyone else seeming to be really bummed out, Tenma can't catch the ball. A while later, he has seemed to get back his spirit, and steal the ball from Eito. He passes it to Shindou, but no matter how many times he passes it, Shindou doesn't want to catch the ball from Tenma. Finally Shindou answers to Tenma's feelings towards soccer in this match and unconsciously shoots the ball scoring a goal. The match ends up with 1-3 score. After the match Tenma wasn't even bothered about consequences of his actions during the match. The school principal finds it enough to be the reason to fire Kudou. After leaving Raimon we can see Kudou making a call to Megane asking him to proceed as they planned. After the game, Shindou received a call from Sangoku that the coach was fired. Shindou ran coming to him. Kudou was leaving them as their coach. But before Kudou left, he asked what was the feeling Shindou felt when he scored to which Shindou just kept silent about, Kudou stated that he should not forget what was the feeling. Now, the Raimon soccer club has no more coach. What will happen now?

Hissatsu used


[Shindou Takuto] The ball is telling me to face soccer straight-on.



  • This episode refers to how Tenma finally passed the ball to Shindou with all he got, (since he wasn't able to pass it clearly), and when it reached Shindou, he felt it and scored a goal.